Can You Learn Martial Arts at Home?

In this video I talk about Martial Arts Training at Home. I get a lot of emails on this topic and I want to explain my feelings once and for all! I get a lot of emails from people who think that training at home isn’t real or it’s impossible. Online training is considered “FAKE” by many and it’s time you hear my thoughts!!





WARNING: Please consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.


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  1. Master Scott
    5 years ago

    Andrew E,

    Thanks for commenting and the kind words! I am glad the videos are helping and it’s great to hear you have a school you can call home and an instructor that is so close! Good luck in your training and come back and see us soon!

  2. Devon simpkins
    5 years ago

    Dear black belt site I am study tracey kenpo jujitsu and my teacher is a 2th degree black belt in tradititonal martial arts and he study diffent moves in tracey kenpo jujitsu and he study aikido and brazlin jujitsu of Gracie jujitsu a he of maked me study diffent form like basic of blocking joint lock and kenpo karate moves to muay thai kick boxing to and i need help to in prove in my art black belt site and i am testing for my yellow belt on next sat on the 31 on the end of the month in march of 2012 and thank u form Devon simpkins

  3. Kripton
    5 years ago

    I’m gonna turn out so retarded right now…But where do I go to the first lesson?